The reason why Man City sent Joao Cancelo to Bayern Munich

Joao Cancelo’s deal to Bayern Munich happened so quickly that fans were really surprised because he was an important factor of Man City under Pep Guardiola.

Cancelo was suddenly kicked out by Man City to Bayern Munich

Yesterday evening (January 30), Manchester City fans received quite shocking news when the leading full-back of their favorite team during the past seasons, Joao Cancelo, suddenly arrived at Bayern Munich on loan with terms of purchase.


The reason this deal is a big surprise is because Cancelo is an important factor for coach Pep Guardiola and has twice been in the typical team of the Premier League season.

Manchester City are in fierce competition with Arsenal in the title race. So pushing away Cancelo made Man City fans raise many question marks.

The reason why Cancelo was sent to Bayern Munich

The cause was immediately exposed by the British press. A series of newspapers in the UK reported that Cancelo was sent to Bayern Munich.


The reason is because the Portuguese player became a “black sheep” in the Man City dressing room and coach Pep Guardiola was forced to push this player to eliminate the seeds of rebellion.

In the latest press conferences, Pep Guardiola has implicitly referred to the Portuguese player when calling him “Mr. Cancelo” instead of the usual name.

Also, after Nathan Ake scored against Arsenal in the FA Cup, Pep said: “Everybody is happy for him. No, except for one.”


That is why in the past time, Pep would rather use midfielder Nathan Ake in the left wing instead of Cancelo.

Returning after the 2022 World Cup, Cancelo showed signs of decline in form and Pep wanted to alternately use Cancelo with Ake to help the Portuguese player regain his form.

However, Cancelo was not satisfied and forced Pep to take action.

Even the British press revealed that Cancelo and Phil Foden almost fought in the dressing room.


The reason is because Foden is not satisfied with Joao Cancelo about the way this player plays when Man City has the ball to attack.

With being pushed to Bayen Munich with a buy-out clause, it is very unlikely that Cancelo will return to Man City at the end of the season.