Asia faces tragedy at World Cup 2022

The failure of teams like Japan, Saudi Arabia or South Korea makes the chances of the Asian representatives to continue in the 2022 World Cup become narrower. 

The jubilant opening match of Asian teams

After the first match of the 2022 World Cup, with positive results from Saudi Arabia, Japan or South Korea, many people expect that Asia will have many representatives that can participate in the first round/ 8.



The fact that Asian teams won victories against fierce opponents like Germany or Argentina makes the hope for tickets to go on greater than ever when the opponent they meet in the second round of the 2022 World Cup is judged more pleasant.

The consecutive defeats of Asian teams in the 2nd match

However, when the new group stage ends in round 2, this scenario is gradually becoming impossible.

Accordingly, Qatar became the first team to say goodbye to the 2022 World Cup despite playing at home. Two consecutive defeats against Ecuador and Senegal gave teachers and coaches Félix Sánchez the opportunity to continue despite having one more match against the Netherlands.


Despite having a shocking victory in the opening match against Argentina, however, Saudi Arabia’s chances of progressing are gradually narrowing when they have to lose to Poland.

If it is not possible to have 3 points against Mexico, it is likely that Saudi Arabia will also have to say goodbye to the dream of reaching the 1/8 round.

Similar to Saudi Arabia is the case of Japan. The 2nd Asian team created an earthquake before Germany in the first match. However, when facing a weaker opponent, Costa Rica, Minamino and his teammates lost unfortunately. In the final match, Japan will have to face the mighty former king of Spain.


Korea has just received its first defeat by Ghana at the 2022 World Cup. This means that Son Heung-min and his teammates only got 1 point after the first two matches. Many people think that only a miracle can help the Korean team beat Portugal in the last match to win tickets to the next round.

Hope rekindled in the name of Iran

Iran is considered the brightest Asian team. After a disastrous defeat against England, the No. 1 team in Asia returned with a victory over Wales.

If they win 3 points against the US team, this team will officially win tickets to the next round regardless of the result of the match at the same time. Even a draw result can help this team continue if Wales cannot win 3 points against England.


Australia also got 3 points after the first two matches. However, in the final match, the representative from AFC will have to face the Danish Lead Soldiers. Eriksen and his teammates have had an impressive journey at EURO 2021 and are expected to win tickets to continue at this tournament.

If the remaining 5/6 teams of Asia (except for Qatar who were eliminated) cannot get good results in the final match, it is likely that the world’s most populous continent will face a bad scenario when none of the representatives made it to the knockout round.